GDPR Awareness courses from Atlantic Compliance

Prepare yourself and your staff for the GDPR with our simple-to-use courses and graded assessments. Your essential resource for GDPR compliance.

Ready for the GDPR?

Atlantic Compliance provides online GDPR awareness and preparation courses. We offer courses tailored towards Business owners and heads of departments in large organisations to help you understand your new responsibilities under the GDPR. We can also help you to achieve compliance with Article 39 by training and raising GDPR awareness among your staff

Is this you?

  • A business owner who needs a detailed, plain-english explanation of the GDPR
  • A business owner or department manager who needs their staff to undergo GDPR awareness training (certificate of completion provided)
  • A marketing or HR professional who needs to understand how the GDPR impacts your work
  • Have been given responsibility for the GDPR compliance of your organisation
  • Worried about handling data breaches and subject access requests

We have courses to address all of your needs. The path to GDPR compliance may seem long and difficult but our courses cut through the jargon and deliver:

  • A plain-english overview of the responsibilities for companies under this new EU regulation
  • A clear set of next-steps to help you proceed in your compliance journey
  • Short courses taken at your own pace, broken down into small, manageable sections.
  • Answers to commonly asked questions
  • Short graded quizzes to test your knowledge

Which course should I take?

Business owners - we recommend that you take all courses:

Total learning time, under 5 hours. You will have a full understanding of all key areas of the GDPR and how they impact your business as well as set of steps you can take to ensure each business function (marketing, HR etc) moves towards compliance.

Our courses can also be used to educate and prepare your staff for the GDPR, IT and data security and their new role in helping your organisation become compliant. Our GDPR Essentials Program contains 3 courses designed for this purpose. Please contact us for special pricing for 10 or more employees

Heads of Departments/Managers - You should take our GDPR Essentials Program to begin and then depending on your function (HR or Marketing), you should take Direct Marketing under the GDPR or Impact of the GDPR on Employee Data to give you a detailed overview of how the GDPR affects these areas.

Click on a course below for a more detailed course description and outline of who the course is for.